Purple Garden Wedding at Repulse Bay

A garden wedding on a sunny day at Repulse Bay earlier.

For the bridal bouquet, buttercream Patience and ivory blush O'hara Garden Roses, blush Spray Rose, white Anemone, Astilbe, Asclepias Tuberosa mixed with lilac Scabiosa and Mint Flowers. Tied off with long flowing silk ribbons in the most gorgeous soft colours made in France.

The ceremony setting...

Flowers in various shades of purple with ivory and green, including Hydrangea, Garden Rose, Rose, Spray Rose, Lisianthus, Ageratum, Mint Flowers, Ammi, Tulip, Viburnum Roseum and Viburnum Berries.

And a floral and foliage wreath for the couple's photo session.

For the cocktail on the seaview terrace, a little garden area with rustic shutters and hanging roses for guests to take pictures.

Bottles and bud vases of flowers for the cocktail tables.

Congrats to Erica and David!

Wedding Stylist : Shirleen Chau
Calligrapher for Wreath Banners : Lauhaus

Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden is one of the biggest gardens in the world and only open from March to May each year. As I took a holiday break in Europe earlier, decided to fly over and squeeze in a visit.

Tulips were in season and they were just blooming everywhere.

Some tulips were so humongous and even bigger than peonies or garden roses!

According to Keukenhof's website, over 800 tulip varieties were displayed!

Gorgeous pastel bi-colour shades.

These 2 shades perfect for weddings!

Other bulb plants including pansies and muscari.

One of the pavilions were dedicated to orchids, here are a patterned cymbidium and white vanda.

A mottled brown and yellow lady slipper.

Sea of phalaenopsis.

A very rare variety... a soft pink lady slipper.

Wall of purple vanda.

Muscari, also known as grape hyacinth.


Another dainty flower... checkered / snake's head fritillaria in white and purple.

The most amazing syringa, was quite mesmerised as it was the first time I saw them in plant form.

Such dreamy colour and so lush...

Equally heart this soft purple one.


Apart from syringa, another of our favourite woody stem flower is viburnum roseum.

Purple and white crocus flower.

Cherry blossom trees by one of the canals.

25th Anniversary Dinner at Asia Society Hong Kong

For a celebratory dinner of a financial institution celebrating their 25th Anniversary milestone in Hong Kong. The affair was held at the Asia Society in Admiralty.

Vases of red aranthera orchid, tulips and mokara orchid welcomed the guests.

 For the centerpieces, we used Ferrari Amaryllis with silver julep cups of Mokara and Carnation.


Baby Shower at the Envoy, Pottinger Hotel

Hot air balloon arrangements for a baby shower brunch on the terrace of the Envoy at the lovely Pottinger Hotel. As it is a gender reveal party, so half of the arrangements were blue and the other half in pink.

 Here they are before the event starts...

Soft and hot pink flowers included Hydrangea, Ranunculus, Spray Rose, Sweet William and Bleeding Hearts!

Blue is quite a tricky colour in terms of cut flowers but fortunately it's spring... our favourite season! No shortage of blue flowers at the flower market and we are excited with the mixture of Hydrangea, Delphinium, Muscari, Tweedia and Viburnum Berries together with dainty little white Spiraea Cantoniensis.

We think baby showers are a fabulous excuse for an intimate girly gathering and it can be so much fun planning such, so moms-to-be, why not plan one before your little ones arrive?!

Inspirational Monday No. 13 - Fragrant Flowers

Fragrance is one of reasons why people love fresh blooms so much, so for Inspirational Monday today, we are going to talk about flowers with the most breathtaking scents... literally!

Although scents are never long lasting but it has such a strong impact that often one sniff is all it takes to remember them for a lifetime. Some flower scents trigger such happy memories for us and also uplift our moods instantly whenever they are around, so thought we will introduce our favourite ones here.

Clockwise from upper left : 
~ Sweet Pea
~ Chocolate Cosmos
~ Peony
~ Lily of the Valley
~ Gardenia
~ Yves Piaget Garden Rose
~ Wisteria
~ David Austin Patience Garden Rose
Apart from Gardenia and Wisteria, the others are available as cut flowers and can be incorporated into your wedding! We can never get enough of the scents from Lily of the Valley, David Austin Patience Garden Rose and Sweet Pea!!

Some flowers actually have scents of food such as Chocolate Cosmos, as the name suggests! Certain Wisteria varieties have a gorgeous grape fragrance, Muscari smells a bit minty, Freesia has a black pepper sort of scent and a lot of Allium flowers smell like onion!

We heart more subtle fragrances and some flowers got such an overwhelming / headache-inducing scents such as Hyacinth and Lily, so we do not recommend using these. 

Two of our happy floral adventures involving floral fragrances :

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead!

Afternoon Cocktail at the China Club

Remember the Dreamy Parisian Wedding at Repulse Bay earlier? The sweet couple, Caroline and Ivan hosted an afternoon cocktail event at the China Club in Central.

Caroline had an exquisite Lily of the Valley bouquet on her wedding, so she went for a mixed flower one this time. We picked Caramel Antike and Patience Garden Roses, White Mikado Spray Rose and how exciting that spring has arrived!

So we also mixed in springtime flowers Fritallaria Persica and Silene Vulgaris Greenbell.

Noticed this table when we went for a site visit which we used for displaying some pics. Rather than a separate vase arrangement, we worked with the existing lamps and adorned them with fun wreath arrangements.

We added and played with scrabble tiles to "write" some cute messages here and there.

Continuing with the spring vibe, we have always been mesmerised and inspired by time lapse films of flowers sprouting from earth and blooming everywhere, so we suggested these whimsical garden patches to dress up all the window sills at the venue, bringing a little outdoor gardens indoor.

Our favourite palette for spring time events got to be peach, orange and yellow and the colours greatly lightened up the interior with dark colour walls and furniture.

We mixed Caramel Antike Garden Rose, Peach Avalanche Rose, White Mikado Spray Rose, champagne Lisianthus, orange Sandersonia and cutesy yellow Billy Ball in the garden patches.

Going to end this post with a beautiful passage from the Bible :

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves is heard in our land.

The fig tree forms its early fruit;
the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.

Arise, come, my darling;
my beautiful one, come with me.

Song of Solomon 2:11-13